Corporate giving principles

Learn about the details of our corporate giving policies, our decision making system and the background information that form the bases for our decisions. The following material summarizes the key aspects of consideration for each application.

MOL sponsorship and donation (corporate giving)
MOL considers highly important
cross-countries' value-creating sustainable development focused
program's support
General social interest
Acknowledgment of talents
Maintenance of the national and oil-industry traditions
The principle of “Doing rather than talking!”
The principle of community involvement
Effect positive societal change
Overall societal value
Stakeholder relations
& Environmental protection
Responsible corporation
Supporting the initiatives of the local communities who live in operational areas
Indirect benefits to the employees
The principle of enhancement of environmental consciousness
Business approach
Maximal publicity
Effectiveness of supporting, focusing
Acknowledgment of quality and performance
Dependence on results
Trust and consistency
Incubator: principle of the initial push
Adherence to our corporate standards, and principles
Together we are more
Building on synergies

Diversified corporate giving proposals standing on more pillars and fulfilling more of MOL Group’s Corporate Giving Principles are preferred.